Partner: Drosos Foundation

The work of the Drosos Foundation aims at enabling people in difficult situations to lead their lives with dignity. It supports projects that focus directly on improving the life circumstances of certain groups and that exert a lasting effect. At the forefront is the battle against poverty, the promotion of health, access to education, the support of creative activities as well as protection of the environment. The Foundation is not allied with any particular world view, religion or political tendency and works both in Switzerland and abroad.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Amongst design and architecture museums, both in Switzerland and abroad, the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich has charted its own course. The museum is a marketplace of ideas related to all design expressions, offering a program focused on the contemporary and the modern within design, visual communication, and architecture. The phenomena of design are interpreted as an expression of the respective culture and its values. Contexts are revealed and debates initiated.