5th International Marine Debris Conference
The 5th international Marine Debris Conference was held from 20-25 March 2011 in Honolulu Hawaii. The first four conferences devoted to this theme between 1984 and 2000 had formulated recommendations for further action, which were then implemented in part. Now, eleven years later, the results of the latest research were compiled and the impact of the measures that had been introduced was examined.  This event organized by the NOAA and UNEP was attended by 440 participants from 38 different countries and discussed research results, research methods, and possible approaches to a solution. The conference produced  the «Honolulu Commitment» as well as the «Honolulu Strategy». In the Honolulu Commitment twelve measures to reduce the amount of floating debris in the sea are formulated. The Honololu Strategy defined at the conference is intended to serve as an outline global strategy for  dealing with, reducing and preventing debris in the sea.